LGBTQ Equality Maps Updates: February 2022

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3 min readFeb 22, 2022

MAP’s interactive LGBTQ Equality Maps provide a comprehensive look at the current state of laws and policies impacting LGBTQ people across the United States. The Equality Maps offer a state-by-state comparison of the policy landscape and gaps in protections for LGBTQ people across the country.

To keep you informed on this regularly changing landscape, here are the updates as of February 2022.

Important Updates in the States

To access individual State Equality profiles, click on the state in each update below. You can also visit LGBTQ Equality Maps issue pages by clicking on the subject of each item below.

South Dakota became the first state this year to pass an anti-LGBTQ bill into law. The legislature passed a bill banning transgender students from playing in sports consistent with their gender identity, making South Dakota the tenth state with a ban on transgender youth participation in sports.

LGBTQ Equality Map: Bans on Transgender Youth Participation in Sports

In January, New Jersey passed a bill repealing its HIV criminalization law. However, the bill effectively preserves the ability for felony prosecutions to occur under a different part of the criminal code — in this case, criminal endangerment.

LGBTQ Equality Map: HIV Criminalization Laws

For our map, we use a caution icon to show states that have a general STI/communicable disease statute that can still be used to prosecute people living with HIV, even if the statute doesn’t mention HIV by name. But as highlighted by New Jersey, states can and often still prosecute people living with HIV under general criminal statutes even in the absence of general STI laws. See the Center for HIV Law & Policy’s map for more information.

Advances in Local Communities to Prohibit Discrimination

Local cities and communities continue to make advances in securing vital nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people.

Comprehensive nondiscrimination ordinances were passed in:

  • Lincoln, Nebraska: the second city in the state
  • Sterling Heights, Michigan: the ordinance is the first in Macomb County

Unfortunately, a comprehensive ordinance was repealed in Chambersburg Borough, Pennsylvania. Although the Chambersburg ordinance passed last year, the November election saw a change in partisan control of the borough council, which prioritized repealing the ordinance.

LGBTQ Equality Map: Local Nondiscrimination Ordinances

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