LGBTQ Equality Maps Updates: November 2022

Movement Advancement Project
2 min readNov 10, 2022

MAP’s Equality Maps provide a detailed snapshot of the current state of LGBTQ laws and policies in the United States. In this regularly changing landscape, these are the state and local policy updates as of November 2022.

▸▸ State Policy Updates

(The links in the policy updates below take you to relevant coverage, the Equality Map for an issue, or the Equality Profile for a state.)

In Florida, efforts continue to restrict access to best-practice medical care for transgender youth, and a new regulation has been proposed to strip teachers of their license if they violate the state’s “Don’t Say Gay/Trans” law.

Note: both of these efforts are still in process and are not yet law. Follow Equality Florida to stay up to date.

▸▸ Local Level Policy Updates

Multiple cities passed local-level conversion “therapy” bans:

  • Richfield, Minnesota — the 11th city in the state
  • Cleveland, Ohio — the 10th city in the state
  • Akron, Ohio — the 11th city in the state

With the addition of Cleveland and Akron, now over 20% of the Ohio population lives in cities with local-level bans on harmful conversion “therapy.”

▸▸ MAP Policy Research Updates

The Movement Advancement Project’s Democracy Maps work is expanding, especially as election results are still being tabulated.

See Counting All the Votes: When to Expect Election Results and Why It Takes Time for more information.

You can follow our Democracy Maps Twitter to stay informed, as well as our Democracy Maps blog, which includes election explainers, battleground state profiles, and more.



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