LGBTQ Equality Maps Updates: October 2022

▸▸ State Policy Updates

(The links in the policy updates below take you to either the Equality Map for an issue or the Equality Profile for a state.)

Transgender youth inclusion and sports participation bans

In Virginia, the governor rescinded earlier guidance about the inclusion and treatment of transgender children in schools. Instead, the governor and his administration issued new guidelines stripping transgender students of their previous rights and protections.

Identity document laws and policies

In Montana, the state continues to fight against allowing people to update their birth certificates. In last month’s update, the state was refusing to allow any gender marker changes at all, even defying a court’s order otherwise.

Gender-affirming care

Oklahoma passed a law that provides over $108 million in federal COVID relief money to the state’s University of Oklahoma medical system — but only if the hospital system stops providing best-practice, gender-affirming care to transgender people under age 18.

▸▸ MAP Policy Research Updates

With less than a month until the midterm elections, MAP’s recent report on election security is a timely resource.

▸▸ Local Level Policy Updates

Nondiscrimination ordinances

Comprehensive nondiscrimination ordinances — covering both sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing, and public accommodations — were passed in:

  • Brownsville, Texas: this is the 7th municipality in the state with a comprehensive ordinance
  • Monongah, West Virginia: the 17th municipality in the state with an ordinance.

Local-level conversion “therapy” bans

Just this week, a local-level ban on conversion “therapy” was passed in Cleveland, Ohio, becoming the 10th city in the state to ban this practice, and the 3rd city in the state to ban it this year alone.

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