LGBTQ Equality Maps Updates: September 2022

▸▸ State Policy Updates

(The links in the policy updates below take you to either the Equality Map for an issue or the Equality Profile for a state.)

Identity document laws and policies

In a new District Court ruling, the Montana health department has been ordered to reinstate its previous process for updating birth certificates, which only requires documentation in an affidavit and a gender designation form.

State-level conversion “therapy” bans

The governor of Pennsylvania issued an executive order partially restricting the practice of conversion “therapy.” The order prohibits the use of state funds for the practice and contains other prohibitions and directives. Read more here.

Transgender youth sports participation bans

A judge issued a preliminary injunction temporarily blocking enforcement of Utah’s ban on transgender students playing sports, in a case brought by ACLU of Utah and the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

Medicaid coverage and gender-affirming care

A U.S. district judge ruled that the state of West Virginia must cover gender-affirming care in the state’s Medicaid program, as part of a lawsuit brought by Lambda Legal.

▸▸ MAP Policy Research Updates

As the Respect for Marriage Act moves through Congress, MAP’s report on the landscape of varying state marriage laws around the country remains a timely resource.

▸▸ Local Level Policy Updates

Local-level conversion “therapy” bans

No new local-level conversion “therapy” bans were passed last month; however, see below for updates about existing policies:

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