Roe on the Brink: Fighting the Dystopian Future Coming to America

Last week, the team at the Movement Advancement Project was talking about announcing a new series on all the ways LGBTQ people are under attack. And we are still going to do that. Then Politico published a draft Supreme Court opinion that shows the Court is poised to strike down Roe — and the world shifted yet again. So in this message, we are focusing solely on that. Because Roe if is on the brink, then so is our country.

If we don’t fight, a dystopian future will be coming to America. What does that mean? It means a Supreme Court majority that is willing to overturn decades of Constitutional precedent to advance an extreme political agenda. It means far-right fundamentalists will finally have another part of what they want: total control over the bodies of women, as well as trans and nonbinary people.

Let’s look at what states and the courts are already doing or could do next:

  • Passing abstinence-only laws so we can’t teach teens about pregnancy prevention.

Think that’s alarmist? In Texas, they’re providing $10,000 financial rewards for private citizens who act as bounty hunters and track women down who seek abortion-related care. A Mississippi abortion ban has no exceptions for rape or incest. And a bill that just advanced in Louisiana would charge women with murder for taking the morning after pill.

So whether it’s you or your sister or your coworker or your best friend — millions of people will be living in fear that one broken condom or one missed pill will mean they can no longer decide their future. And that fear will be with us every day because our freedoms will mean nothing if we lose this fight.

So get out and fight. We CAN stop this. We’re joining our colleagues at Family Equality in sharing some action steps you can take.

Use your voice:

The fight for LGBTQ equality and the fight for abortion rights are inextricably linked. We must fight for the future we want and the freedoms we were granted under the Constitution.

In solidarity,

Ineke Mushovic
MAP Executive Director



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