Roe on the Brink: Fighting the Dystopian Future Coming to America

  • Passing abstinence-only laws so we can’t teach teens about pregnancy prevention.
  • Letting companies strip birth control out of healthcare plans (the Supreme Court made this legal in the Hobby Lobby decision) and banning IUDs.
  • Criminalizing abortion, even in other states; some far-right politicians have declared that they want to throw women in jail if they travel to another state to get the care they need.
  • Requiring a woman to get permission from the man responsible for the pregnancy (which can trap women with an abusive partner).
  • Stripping out exceptions in abortion bans for rape, incest and danger to a woman’s life and health.
  • Preventing hospitals from helping women who are miscarrying (Catholic hospitals are already allowed to refuse such care).
  • Making it child abuse for parents to help their teen obtain access to abortion services (similar to how politicians are trying arrest and prosecute parents with child abuse for supporting their trans and nonbinary kids).
  • Tax penalties for companies that provide comprehensive birth control (far-right politicians already tried to penalize Disney just for supporting trans kids).



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